Fur Family
Pictures of puppies we bred, love, and enjoy
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Carmela watching the crowd
Cody caught playing!
CC with her two daughter's, Carmela and Gracie
Harmony looking out the window
Oscar and Daisy
Blitzen, now BJ at 5 months
Bosco as a baby!
Bosco on his 3rd B-Day
Cali in her spot!
Holly 5 months old
Holly with Richter and Harley
Lucky man!
Queenie with Marsha showing her
Murphy on vacation
Mambo and Peaches
Gracie at home in SF at 1 year
Willy, CC's litter brother
Rudy at Westminster 2007
Dasher 5 months
Molly, CC and Vallee
Rudy singing on the stairs
Vallee, Queenie, Poker and Rudy
Molly 1 yer old
Peaches as a puppy
Teddy in his puppy cut
Littermates Teddy, Edie and Harley at their first show
CC as a puppy
Here she comes, Ms Vallee
Poker and Vallee
Roxy our Yorkie Grand-daughter!
Tia posing
Pismo at storytime with his best buddy!
Dasher on the road with big sisters Dora (L) and Belle (R)
Harmony watching Animal Planet
Puppies waking up in the morning!
Dasher 9 months old
Dreamer 8 weeks old
Dasher and Amanda get first major!!!
Dasher get's his CHC at 9 months old!  First Bellatak pup to accomplish this!!
Cali and her Buddy
Willie who is now Jonah in his new home.
Dasher showing off his natural agility skills!
Cody posing for the camera!
BJ was Grant
Dolly almost 5 months old
Duffy was Mamie
Harry smiling at ya!
Gabby was Jackie is in the middle with big brother Vinny on Lt and big sister Lulu on the Rt.
Kramer was Ike
Kramer lookin good!
Henry was Kennedy
Riley was Ronnie with big brother Jonah who was Willie here.
Dreamer at 10 months
Dasher showing off!!!
Cody 17 months old
Gracie 17 months old
Holly receiving her CGC award at 18 months old
Gabby 4 months old
Kramer 4 months old
Gabby and BJ giving lots of kisses!
Dolly and her special bed!
Dasher gets a new title behind his name.
BJ after grooming 7 mos
Molly's granddaughter won WB at the 2009 HCA Regional in Chicago her dad is Rudy
Roxy our granddaughter that went over the rainbow bridge too soon. We miss her!
BJ posing!
Ricky 1 yr old, he is a Molly son and Dreamer's brother
BJ Puppy Group 1
Vallee 2009 Eukanuba looking at the judge!
Dasher in Open Jumpers 2009
Bellatak Romantic Gesture - Mickey - Queenie/Rolo son
Beau, Poker's son.  Bred, owned, shown by Elaine Cirimele
Cramer - Queenie/Bugsy son
Dasher man doing what he loves!
David with Vallee and Dreamer
Gabby Girl - Queenie/Bugsy daughter
Harry - Queenie/Bugsy son
Henry - Queenie/Bugsy son
Lizzie our Beiwer Terrier who rules the roost, or she thinks she does.
Dasher man does it again!
Huggie - Queenie/Rolo son
Mandy - Queenie/Rolo daughter
Rumor - Queenie/Rolo son
Tom judging?
Maverick - Vallee/Charlie son
CC - 6 yrs old
Rumor 7 months
Molly 8 years old
Queenie at 4 years old
Richie at 4 months old
Beau, a Poker son now a Champion 2011.
Harry 2011
Angel show debut 2011
Maggie & Pennie, Vallee daughters
Maverick, Vallee son
Pennie on the run!
Angel in her pool!
Pennie and Bella
Pennie checking out the little girl!
Jazz who was Frankie, a Vallee son
Cody - 4 years old
Holly 4 years old
Puppy in a bag!
Starr ready for a feeding!
Brisa meets her new mom for the first time!
Teensy 8 months old
Brisa 6 months old
Brisa 9 months
Brisa reading over morning coffee! (Her dad is on the cover)
Sisters-Brisa and Teensy
Keefer AKC S.T.A.R award
Brisa, CH Bellatak Gone With The Wind, AXJ, NAJ, CGC
Dasher, now has his 2nd MACH title as of October 2013!
Amanda (owner) shows Brisa at the 2013 National, and wins a big beautiful ribbon!
Brisa wins AOM!!!  I am so proud of them both!
Keefer chooses HIS pumpkins!!
Cassie 3 yrs old - Queenie/Rolo daughter
Finn being silly just like Havanese are suppose to be!
Kathy & Joe Smart's boy-Maverick, Wicket & Rowdy.  Maverick & Rowdy are Bellatak boys!
Rowdy winning first weekend shown!
Arlo in his tie, ready for Brunch!
Meme @ 6 months
Brisa X Dasher puppies
Family photo - Brisa on left, Dasher on right were bred by Bellatak.
Bellatak McKeefer celebrates his 2nd birthday!!
Harmony and "friends"!
Sophee - Maggie/Poker daughter who stayed here!
Keefer's first day doing AKC Agility and he is a winner!
Keefer and his Mommy Judy!
Gracee day she became an AKC Champion!