My wonderful husband Tom and I have a large family.  We have lived in Northern California most of our lives.  Tom is a native Californian, while I have had the pleasure of living in other parts of the country in my younger days.  

We are members of HCNC  (Havanese Club of Northern California), the local club I and another person founded in 2003.  I am also a member of Havanese Club of America (HCA), Nor-Cal Toy Dog Fanciers, and we support Havanese Rescue Inc.  

We not only do all the breed parent club suggested OFA health testing, but we do more too, as we believe that our dogs should be healthy before they are bred in every way.  Our dogs are family members that we cherish.  

Having a Havanese makes your life fuller, happier, healthier, joyful, enriched, fun, entertaining, exciting, unique and wonderful in a way you may have never experienced before!

Some call them “Velcro dogs”, as you will never be alone.  However, Havanese are not for everyone.  They can experience separation anxiety because they are true companion dogs.  The do need more grooming when in a long coat.  While they are for the most part great family dogs, I believe they should not be placed in homes with young children under the age of 8 years old, as Havanese puppies are small and fragile as a puppy and young children might not realize this.  Also, young children are still learning proper interaction rules, and might not understand that little puppy should not be treated in the same way as they do their stuffed animal.  

At Bellatak Havanese, you will always find healthy, loving, beautiful, happy Havanese, where we stand behind our dogs and stand beside our puppy owners for life!